We have the skills and knowledge to work with any previously developed WordPress theme. We can make minor changes or conduct routine maintenance. WordPress support is charged at £50 per hour on an ad-hoc or monthly running basis.

Services we offer

Amendments and Content Entry

Whether you dislike aspects of your current site or have a selection of content you need to add, we are able to quickly and efficiently manage these changes for you.

WordPress Plugin and Core Maintenance

You may not have updated anything since your site was built. This may lower the security of the site, leaving you prone to malicious attacks that could significantly impact your business.

We will take a local copy of the site, perform all necessary updates, fix any issues and then push changes to your live site with minimal disruption.

WordPress Recovery

Have you been the unfortunate victim of malware/hacking? We can dive in, remove any troubling files that may have appeared, advise on and implement extra security precautions with your hosting, and set-up regular back-ups to minimise the impact any potential future attacks may cause.

Are you looking for WordPress support & maintenance?

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