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Websites for event bookings

We make websites that make it easy for you to manage your events and even easier for attendees to attend them

Calendars, tickets, RSVPs and confirmations. Managing events involves a lot of moving pieces, and we know from speaking to previous clients that multiple events especially can very easily become overwhelming.

When you’re juggling multiple payments and deadlines, there’s no room for error. You need a centralised system that talks to all of the other systems and remains continuously updated, without fail.

Off-the-shelf events management platforms serve a purpose and can be great for those starting out, but if you run events frequently or charge for tickets you will quickly find you outgrow the features available, or the platform fees start to outweigh the convenience of the solution.

At Twenty Eighty Online, we’ve built bespoke event booking systems for customers ranging from stag and hen party providers to the NHS. It all starts with a discussion around requirements and the requirements almost always include ease of use for those managing the system. We can’t blame them…

Investing in a bespoke events management website – whether it’s for external, paid-for events or internal training courses for your organisation – quickly pays for itself in reduced administration time alone. Factor in the freedom from the limitation of an outgrown off-the-shelf solution, or increasing fees to access premium features, and it becomes a truly worthwhile investment.

How we can help you manage your events easily and efficiently

If you choose us to build you a bespoke events management website we will:

Create a streamlined user experience for both you and your attendees.

We want both you and your users to have the ability to book and manage events as easily as possible.

Help you manage your events with any automation you want.

We can elevate your business and how it manages clients and events through your website into other products you already use.

Increase visibility of the events you are running.

We make sure that all events you are hosting have the most optimised structure data for Google to show them.

We’ve worked on several large events booking systems and we’re always looking for the next challenge

Here’s a look at our past projects:

Invest today in your new sleek events booking system that updates in real-time and saves you precious administration time

Excellent service. Always on hand to answer any questions, and willing to work with me to get exactly what I need from my website. I would recommend Twenty Eighty Online to anyone!

Sam Green – Red Cactus Events