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Twenty Eighty Online

A team that understands

We’re a digital agency based at Grove Business Park in Oxfordshire. We design and build websites that make money for our clients.

We know most business owners want to increase their revenue without needing to increase the hours they work. Time is precious and life is important too.

We know, because we think that too.

Meet our team

Jon Walter – Director

Jon built his first website about the game Sim City 2000 using Homestead back in the early 2000s. Since then the internet has come a long way! He’s been designing and building WordPress websites for over a decade and set up Twenty Eighty Online in 2017.

What’s the best bit about working at Twenty Eighty Online, according to Jon?

“For me there are two things. The first is helping our clients feel more empowered with their websites and then seeing the success that brings them. Secondly, it’s being able to spend time cracking a really big problem on a project and seeing everything fall into place.”

Outside of work, Jon enjoys cooking and eating. A recently discovered local gem has to be The Greyhound Inn in Letcombe Regis – mind-blowingly good food! When it’s a lazy Sunday at home, slow roasting a nice joint of meat from Hedges Butchers in Abingdon is always a winner, and experimenting with new techniques and ingredients is a great way to unwind.

Amy Card – Marketing Director

Amy’s career spans sales and marketing – first in academic publishing, then moving into the tech industry. She’s pretty stubborn in her insistence that people should come first in marketing, and woe betide anyone who asks her thoughts on “gaming the algorithm”.

The best bit about working at Twenty Eighty Online? Full creative rein over the brand – that means bad puns in the newsletter, ongoing curation of a bank of funny animal stock images, and spending far too many hours photoshopping pictures of Jon’s face “for social”.

Outside of work, she’s pretty committed to a weekly routine of long dog walks on the Ridgeway followed by ice-cream at Q Gardens farm shop. It’s important to support local business, so she’s pledged to never have fewer than two scoops. She’s a bit of a hero like that.

A team that knows where to focus

If only lead generation could be more seamlessly automated, or your sales team could work 24/7 without your constant input. That would allow you to focus on delivering your products and services and building loyal, happy customers who keep coming back.

Since you’re here we know you’ve probably figured out that your website might be the problem, and also the solution.

A website that doesn’t make it clear what you offer or why you’re an expert in your niche will confuse potential customers and make them leave in search of clarity elsewhere.

A website without a direct path to either buy through an eCommerce shop, or contact you to enquire about your services, will frustrate potential customers at exactly the point where you want to win them over, and it’ll make them leave.

A website that loads slowly, is inaccessible to those using assistive technology, or is littered with intrusive pop-ups? Well, that might scare them off before they’ve even had a chance to scroll…

We know from over a decade of experience in website design and development that sites that convert visitors to customers share three common traits:

  • They’re easy to navigate and only include clear, meaningful content
  • They load superfast and don’t jump around as you’re scrolling
  • They are easy for business owners or marketing teams to manage themselves, which means they’re kept constantly updated.

At Twenty Eighty Online, we’re not gatekeepers of the websites we design and build. We want you to take them into your own hands and make them make your business money.

We can support you technically for as long as you need, especially as we know the process can be overwhelming for some in the beginning, but we’ll never hold you back.

A team that keeps our promises

We’ve worked with some of our clients over several years – sometimes maintaining and optimising one website, sometimes working with them on exciting new projects.

Frequently, they recommend us to their networks and man, does that feel good…

We know that trust is earned, but comes back to reward you in buckets once it is.

To build that trust, we make a number of promises to our clients at the start of any project and we stick to them. No excuses.

A team that’s just a phone call or email away

Ultimately we know that nothing will make more of a difference to your business than having a professional website acting as your online storefront (whether that’s eCommerce or a portfolio), with a “salesperson” who is more than happy to work 24/7 while you get on with running the business.

We have the expertise to build you that website. We want it to make you money.

So what are you waiting for? Invest in the growth of your business today.